Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Generous Bandit

Jesus Malverde is a folk Saint from Sinaloa in Mexico. Senor Malverde is considered to be a kind of Robin Hood style character aiding the poor and needy. Malverde is counted among the “Narco ” Saints, these are the Saints who help drug dealers to sell, move and distribute their products.

It is said that he lived in the 1900’s and was eventually killed by the authorities after a number of highly successful robberies and raids. The Governor of Sinaloa at the time made the suggestion that his security force was so good not even Malverde could break in to his home. Malverde’s response to such an accusation was to not only break in to the Governors home and graffiti a message on the wall but also to kidnap his teenage daughter from her bed!

On his eventual capture he was hanged from a tree to die.  It was forbidden for his body to be cut down as it was to remain a warning for those who dare to cross the Governor. So great was Malverde’s help to the poor that people began to deposit stones at the tree eventually creating a giant burial cairn.  Stories tell that when the cairn was to be demolished by the government the stones flew at the demolition crew and damaged their vehicles.

The major shrine to Jesus Malverde is situated across the way from the Government building in Sinaloa and is frequented by thousands of visitors every year. The Shrine provides health care, food aid and funerals for the poor which it makes available from the thousands of dollars it receives in donations from its visitors.

Malverde is the helper of those in need; he is talented in fixing court cases, protecting from the law and gaining money. Malverde’s legendary last words were “remember my people” by which he meant those less fortunate. When asking him for anything be sure to offer a decent potion of what you make to those less fortunate. When we perform work with Malverde we will always take a few large bags of shopping to the food bank.   

Always offer two candles, his favoured drinks are beers and Spirits and a big fat cigar. His favoured colour is green, Malverde translates to bad green, another link to ill gotten gains and his power in the drugs world. Malverde’s shrines can be found all over Mexican roadsides but are usually quickly destroyed by the authorities as drug dealers tend to hide things at them.

Personal shrines are started in the home by setting out a green cloth, two candles before an image and a pile of small round stones, traditionally it is said to be 21 stones. Be sure when making request to keep up your side of the deal and always make sure to do a good deed for his people.