Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Special Offers for June

This month is the feast of the ever popular St John the Baptist – a remarkable saint who holds a special place in religions all over the world. He has a great many patronages, which (amongst magical and spiritual practitioners at least ) include magic and prophecy. The feast of his birth has been a focal point for magical and folk customs for centuries, and the  traditions which surround the gatherings of supplies on the eve of his feast are found throughout Europe – it is said that herbs and waters gathered on before sunrise on the 24th are of particular efficacy against illness and their general magical abilities are greatly improved. For more information on St John, Hadean Press have recently released this small pamphlet which details more of his history and magical patronages, giving detailed instructions on shrine building and ways of working with this powerful intercessor.
The Occult Consultancy look upon St John as the patron of Road Opening – a type of magical work designed to set you on the right path and remove obstacles which are barring your way. In honour of St John, and as a special offer for this month, we will be offering John the Baptist Shrine Kits, which if ordered now will be dispatched so that they arrive in time for you to work them into your St Johns Eve/Midsummer celebrations. This kit contains:

  • 1 x framed image of St John
  • 1  x Holy Altar Oil
  • 1 x Holy Altar loose grain Incense
  • 1 x Sachet Road Opener Bath
  • 1 x Road opener Oil

This kit can be purchased through the website for £30.00 (which includes UK p&p, overseas customers please contact us via email) The kit will come with full instructions on how to use each of the items contained to set up a space for St John, and how to ask for his assistance in a simple, but effective, road opening rite.

As well as the feast of St John, this month is also the feast of the always popular St Anthony of Padua, who is venerated on the 13th of this month. Famous for being the patron saint of lost things, who has a an uncanny knack for returning them in the most unlikely places, he is one of the saints that people can petition to make sure they avoid poverty and keep food on the table. On his feast day offer him a brown candle and ask that your home is never without the money you need to survive.  We will be offering 5 St Anthony Amulet Packages, priced at £15.00 (including UK p&p) each, this is a framed image of the saint, containing various written charms, herbs and curios, that can be kept in the home as a lucky image, or used as the basis for a shrine to this beloved saint.  These will be prayed over and “activated” at our service for St Anthony on his feast day and shipped out immediately afterwards. With the current economic condition of the world, St Anthony is certainly someone that you want on your side!

As an added extra, we are offering 6 month readings for £10.00, these will look at the last six months of the year, from July to December. You will receive a short reading for each remaining month of the year, and looking for any potential problems and how you can resolve them. Each month will also come with a guiding saint who is of especial importance to you for that month, as divined by the Chain of St Michael Method.  

All these items and services can be purchased at our website: theoccultconsultancy.com