Friday, 8 November 2013

silent auction

Re-posted for those of you not on facebook:

Silent Auction time folks - Here were have for sale a large foil-embossed print of a page from the Darmstadt Haggadah, a 15th century jewish illuminated manuscript detailing the story of Exodus and containing the liturgy for Pesach. My Hebrew is lousy, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly what is written here, however the piece is particularly beautiful, and the figure lighting the menorah is certainly intriguing. I’ve had a look online and can’t find any photos of this exact page, so unfortunately I can’t tell you any more than that – though if anyone knows more about this particular image it would certainly be interesting to find out.
Comes in a wooden frame with gold border, thick brown mount with smaller gold inner mount (check out the photos for a better description)

This is up for silent auction if anyone is interested – starting price is £6.00 (to cover shipping) If you are interested, just message me via The Occult Consultancy page or, giving your bid. Bids will be accepted until midnight tomorrow (9/11/13)

46 x 48cm frame size
32 x 34 image size

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Website Update 2.0

Hey folks,
Just a quick message to say we've overhauled the website completely now - due to changes in our hosting (or something like that....i'm not very good with the internet...) we've moved our site and it is now far more streamlined, bugs with the shop have been fixed, and the whole site is slicker and better looking, check it out and update and bookmarks etc - you can find the new site at:

Friday, 18 October 2013

News and Updates

Hello all it's been far too long since I've posted up on here, so here is a post to update you all on what's been going on.

"Guardian of Souls" amulet
Firslty, after the Feast of All Angels in September we released a special limited edition oil "Guardian of Souls" - a blend of potent oils and herbs all blessed on a shrine dedicated to the Archangel Michael on his feast day - each oil came with a specially prepared seal and a complimentary reading - these proved very popular and we now only have two bottles left for sale - you can read more about the oil (and order if you so wish) from  here. In conjunction with this set of offers we also recieved several commissions for amulets, which have proved very popular - using curios, stones and a technique known as wire wrapping we are able to create amulets and talismans for a variety of purposes, specifically those designed to attract the spirits and/or energies of a certain planet - if you are interested in this kind commission, contact us at

working against the evil eye for a client
Recently we've had a slight influx of people suffering from what can generally be called "The Evil Eye". This interesting cultural catchall for curses born from jealousy or envy manifests all over the world, and has a plethora of folklore and custom associated with it, dating back centuries. To help deal with this sudden surge in cases of this nature, we have prepared 8 bottles of a new blend "Nazar Oil" - named for the famous blue glass evil eyes from Turkey. These will be appearing in the special offers section soon.

The popularity of La Santisima Muerte continues at a pace, with statue sets proving very popular, especially on this run up to Halloween/Dias de la Muertos. Anyone thinking of placing orders for these items in time for the holidays are urged to order soon, as they are all made from scratch and as such can take several days to prepare - order early to avoid disappointment. Click here to see our full range of items.

The 28th of this month is the feast of the always popular and hard working Saint Jude, well known patron of impossible cases. When all else fails, Saint Jude will pull through - here is a link to one of his novenas, which can be timed to coincide with his impending feast:

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Special Offers for June

This month is the feast of the ever popular St John the Baptist – a remarkable saint who holds a special place in religions all over the world. He has a great many patronages, which (amongst magical and spiritual practitioners at least ) include magic and prophecy. The feast of his birth has been a focal point for magical and folk customs for centuries, and the  traditions which surround the gatherings of supplies on the eve of his feast are found throughout Europe – it is said that herbs and waters gathered on before sunrise on the 24th are of particular efficacy against illness and their general magical abilities are greatly improved. For more information on St John, Hadean Press have recently released this small pamphlet which details more of his history and magical patronages, giving detailed instructions on shrine building and ways of working with this powerful intercessor.
The Occult Consultancy look upon St John as the patron of Road Opening – a type of magical work designed to set you on the right path and remove obstacles which are barring your way. In honour of St John, and as a special offer for this month, we will be offering John the Baptist Shrine Kits, which if ordered now will be dispatched so that they arrive in time for you to work them into your St Johns Eve/Midsummer celebrations. This kit contains:

  • 1 x framed image of St John
  • 1  x Holy Altar Oil
  • 1 x Holy Altar loose grain Incense
  • 1 x Sachet Road Opener Bath
  • 1 x Road opener Oil

This kit can be purchased through the website for £30.00 (which includes UK p&p, overseas customers please contact us via email) The kit will come with full instructions on how to use each of the items contained to set up a space for St John, and how to ask for his assistance in a simple, but effective, road opening rite.

As well as the feast of St John, this month is also the feast of the always popular St Anthony of Padua, who is venerated on the 13th of this month. Famous for being the patron saint of lost things, who has a an uncanny knack for returning them in the most unlikely places, he is one of the saints that people can petition to make sure they avoid poverty and keep food on the table. On his feast day offer him a brown candle and ask that your home is never without the money you need to survive.  We will be offering 5 St Anthony Amulet Packages, priced at £15.00 (including UK p&p) each, this is a framed image of the saint, containing various written charms, herbs and curios, that can be kept in the home as a lucky image, or used as the basis for a shrine to this beloved saint.  These will be prayed over and “activated” at our service for St Anthony on his feast day and shipped out immediately afterwards. With the current economic condition of the world, St Anthony is certainly someone that you want on your side!

As an added extra, we are offering 6 month readings for £10.00, these will look at the last six months of the year, from July to December. You will receive a short reading for each remaining month of the year, and looking for any potential problems and how you can resolve them. Each month will also come with a guiding saint who is of especial importance to you for that month, as divined by the Chain of St Michael Method.  

All these items and services can be purchased at our website:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Website Update and New Product Information

After a brief time of change, our website is back up and running, with brand new stock as well as our trusted lines. I thought it was worth taking the time to go through some of the new items available on our site so people can have get a better idea about what new things we are offering.

 New Commission Items: Spirit Packets

Starting with what I believe are our strongest new line, we are now offering Spirit Packets through the commissions page of our website. These beautiful packets are inspired by the aesthetics of the Paket Congo of Haitian Vodou,and the mechanics of Hoodoo Mojo bags and instructions given by Agrippa in the Books of Occult Philosophy. Herbs, charms, seals and curios are contained within a beautifully decorated bundle of appropriately colored materials, embellished with lavish lattice work and crowned with appropriate flowers, plumage, ad other symbolically appropriate items. The purpose of these packets is to provide a well-spring of power for a specific saint or spirit, which can act as a striking centerpiece for your shrine or altar. Alternatively, these packets can be created for a specific magical intention or condition, so if you have a permanent shrine set up for protection, business success etc, then the packet will keep the energy of your workings strong and add a special kick all of its own. These packets can be made from a modest 30cm in height to an imposing 75cm, and no two will ever be alike. The time and effort that goes into creating the Spirit Packets means that once completed, you will have a piece of magical equipment that will last for years to come and, we hope, provide you with countless benefits. There are no restrictions on who or what the packets can be made for, saints, angels, goetic spirits, you name it and we can house it within our of our packets! The only request we will not fulfil is that we will not make Spirit Packets for Vodou Lwa, out of respect for the tradition. Previously we have made packets for a wide variety of spiritual beings including Marie Laveau, St Michael the Archangel, Our Lady Star of the Sea, and the Anima Sola. Email us with any questions you may have about your specific requirements.

New Oil Range: Planetary

Our first new range is of interest to the western magician who works with the spirits or the 7 classical planets. These oils have been based on the information presented by Agrippa in the Books of Occult Philosophy and contained herbs, essential oils and curios each ascribed to the planet being invoked.  Not only of use to the ceremonialist, due to the all encompassing nature of the planets, these oils can be used to substitute oils that are otherwise unavailable to the magician - if your spell calls for an unobtainable love drawing oil lost to the depths of time, then our Venus Oil would be a fine substitute.

New Oil Range: Ars Umbrae

Due to the popularity of necromancy other similar persuits, we now have a whole new range of oils dedicated specifically to the shadowy arts. These oils are all aimed at the magician who practices evocation and conjuratoin of the infernal and the dead, being potent blends of oils and curios designed to attract and empower these often sinister forces. Also available in this section is St Cyprian Oil, made in honor of the fascinating bishop of Antioch, who enjoys a reputation  for being both a supreme conjuror and devout holy man. The Anima Sola is also represent in our new range, due to increased interest in this unfortunate designation of spirit.

New Oil Range: Archangels

A revamp of an old range, we now offer oils for the three biblical archangels - Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. These oils are slightly more expensive than our regular oils due to the inclusion of high quality essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, which give each of these oils a deeply spiritual undertone. Eventually we will be expanding this range to include incense and prepared seals.

Updated Range: La Santisima Muerte Devotional Items

Ever popular with both the Conultancy and our customers, La Santisima Muerte has expanded from a small area of the website to an entire section of her own. Currently we are offering three oils, one for each of her aspects as La Blanca, La Roja and La Negra, and we will soon be expanding to once again include our popular incense blend. Coming soon, we will also be offering statuettes and candles, so watch this space (these are currently available on commission, so if the sound of figure candles and statues interest you, email us.)

New Sections: Ritual Tools

This section is still work in progress - we will soon be offering hand turned wands, vessels and other ritual items made from sustainable wood collected during appropriate magical timing etc. Keep your eyes peeled, as the good folk at Iceni Wood turning create some truly amazing piece, including

Re-vamped section - Hoodoo and Conjure Supplies

Taking into account our best sellers, the range of hoodoo and conjure supplies has been pared down to include only our most popular oils and items. We are sure to be expanding this range asap to include new powders and curios.

Readings and Services

Readings and magical services carry on as normal, with a full compliment of both divination and magical/spiritual services. To celebrate the relaunch of the website (and as a reward for reading this far down the blog!) all £20.00 tarot readings will only be £10.00 if you email us to book, and quote the code BLG50%, we can then invoice you through paypal. This offer will expire on Sunday 19th May 2013.

Well, that's a rundown of what new with the website, hopefully everyone will be able to find something to suit their tastes. Its my intention to update this blog more regularly, so keep checking back for new posts.


Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Winds of Change

Hello all!
I've not updated this blog for quite some time, so its high time i updated you all with a couple of things:

1) Changes to the website

We are currently undergoing some serious changes to the website, product ranges are being expanded, new products are being added and we are working on some incredibly high quality specialty oils, and well researched incenses for you all to peruse. Hopefully the site will be back up and running within a week or so, until then only the readings and services sections of the site are up and running properly. If you have any questions, please contact us without delay

2) Pentacles of Solomon Update

After the success of the Pentacles of Solomon by S.Aldarnay, there are plans for a companion volume full of magical experiments, fueled by the fusing of high magic with the magic of the people. The original Pentacles of Solomon is available from the wonderful people at Hadean Press 

3) Upcoming Saint Days

It's always good to know whose feasts are coming up - so here's a brief rundown of the saints who are celebrated in the rest of april.

St Zita - 27th April

Patron saint of maids and waitresses, servants and the pious
Bake a loaf of bread to remember this pious saint who thought of devotion to God as being employment enough. Ask St Zita for help if you've lost your keys, and make sure to light her a candle if you work in a kitchen, restaurant or bar.

St Catherine of Siena - 29th April

Patron saint against fire, bodily ills, firefighters, illness, Italy, miscarriages, people ridiculed for their piety, sexual temptation, sick people, sickness, nurses.

A popular saint who was the 25th daughter (yes....25th!) of a dyer, Catherine grew up in Sienna, Italy. Famous for periods of extreme fasting, visions of divine beings including Christ himself, and countless angels, as well as for being a stigmatic. Catherine is called upon for all manner of situations and is a very powerful intercessor. She is joint patron of Italy (along with St Francis of Assisi) and in modern times has become a friend to those who suffer with various eating disorders, especially anorexia

St Endellion - 29th April

Not an awful lot to go on here, but St Endellion is the sister of the ever popular St Nectan, whose glen and waterfall in Cornwall , England are a popular site among people of all faiths. She is said to have survived entirely on cows milk, and there are stories of this saint resurrecting said cow from the dead after it was killed by a local nobleman. St Endellion is also said to have link to the Arthur mythos, and is one of those fascinating saints from the dark ages of British history. Pour out a glass of milk for this mysterious lady on the 29th.  

I'll keep you all updated with the website refurb

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Basil from Tesco is the same as the stuff in a magic shop

The latest rant from the occult consultancy! When people talk about the magical landscape 9 times out of 10 they are referring to knowing where the special sites around you. Knowing where your local crossroads is, your grave yard or cemetery, finding out the history of old buildings, looking for a special T junction or a site where people were once hung. This of course is so important to any folk tradition, dirt, stones and other items employed in tricks can be gathered from such places or tapped in to in order to communicate with spirits, leave offerings or dispose of spent items.

Walking through the land I can point out numerous tree’s, herbs and flowers and know their magical applications. I frequently gather items from walks, I am of course lucky enough to live in Glastonbury, a holy place, littered with sacred wells and springs, ancient religious sites and the resting places of numerous Saints. The chapel on the Tor is dedicated to Michael the Archangel, the hedgerows are packed with useful plants and I make it my business to know what’s in season when. Practising folk magic means needing to have an understanding of the seasons, knowledge of plant lore and an insight in to the history of the place you are living. All of these things help to empower your magic.

However I have not always lived in a little country town surrounded my mystical places and endless lanes of hedge! When I lived in cities the same principal applies. Knowing where your graveyard is and where to find the old man at the crossroads is important but so is to know your shopping centre. We live in an age where you can buy, you can walk in to a town and know you can get food, drink and basically anything else you might need. Knowing the landscape is equally as important as knowing where the local craft shop is, what herbs are for sale in the supermarket, what flowers your florist carries or can get hold of, even where your nearest butcher is.

Sainsbury’s can provide just as much of an occult booty haul as a well stocked Botanica! Ethnic supermarkets sell a huge variety of herbs and spices, florists and garden centres often stock baneful flowers for decorative arrays and let us not overlook the Aladdins caves of the occult world, charity shops. Charity shop shelves are filled with pots, baskets, trinkets and the occasional discarded idol or statue. With a little clean up physically and spiritually these items are good as new and so very useful. Over the years Charity shops and car boot sales have provided me with more of a wealth of esoteric and Occult items than anywhere else.  I noticed while shopping last week high street stores were selling hands of Fatima, eyes of Horus and numerous other amulets as “teenage fashion jewellery” that’s a lot of safe girls out there!

The point I am making is that it’s so important to utilise what’s around us, to look in the most obvious places. I once told a woman how to prepare a spiritual bath and said “get some basil from the supermarket” to which she replied “don’t you sell it? It won’t be magical if it’s from TESCO”. Sometimes it’s nice to eat at a restaurant, to buy readymade sauces or have someone else cook for you. That said sometimes it’s nice to seek out the spices, to prepare your meal from scratch and most importantly to know where to get the items from!