Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Our First Post

Hello and welcome to our blog! 

This is all a bit new to us so please bear with us whilst we get a hang of things. As this is our first post I suppose that we should really start by saying a little bit about ourselves and what the consultancy is all about. 

Well firstly the Occult Consultancy is in the business of magickal problem solving, from fixing relationships to breaking curses. We provide people with and honest and reliable service, handling all cases with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. Through the use of spell work we aim to improve the situations of our clients. We treat each person as an individual and tailor make spiritual baths, mojo bags, lamps, fixed candles, kits, floor washes, oils and waters and various other items to work towards specific goals. The primary practice of the Occult Consultancy is Hoodoo. 

What is Hoodoo?
The phrase “Hoodoo” originated around the 19th century and is used to define the practices of Afro-American folk magic. Hoodoo blends African folklore, Catholicism and herb lore from Native American and European Witchcraft. 
Hoodoo practices make use of Herbs, roots and oils, animal parts, minerals, ritual baths, scattering powders, candle magick, dolls, washes, waters, conjure balls, dirt’s, oil lamps and various other paraphernalia that was easily accessible to the people at the time.

Emphasis is placed on the Hoodoo practitioner, on the power of the spoken word as well as action. Maintaining altar’s and shrines set with candles, incense and offerings for the spirits and as well as altars for personal spells and those for clients is a fundamental part of any hoodoo practitioner's set-up, Unlike Wicca and modern neo-pagan religions there is very little to no work done with the elements, protective circles and the tools of the latter practices are not employed. Hoodoo rarely makes use of wands, knives and chalices in the same way as other practices.

Emphasis is put on the power of personal possessions, bodily fluids, hair and even nail clippings. All of which act as a sympathetic link to yourself or another, the long established practice of mixing menstrual blood in a lovers food or making filter coffee with a sprinkling of your nail fillings to keep your spouse faithful are prime examples of this. Even the dirt from your foot print is a powerful tool against personal fortune.

So what's the point of this blog? Well, we're going to use it to discuss our workings, the goings on at our store The Saint Martha Botanica and also we'll be sharing some of our idea's, formulas and occasionally we'll have a rant!

Hope you enjoy following us.