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A Day In The Life Of.......

Hey guys,
it's been a while - illness and snow and clients a-plenty - but we are back with a new post, this time on "a day in the life of the O.C" Lots of people have been asking exactly what it is we do, so we thought we'd show you exactly what happens on an average day and what to expect if you sign up as a new client.

An "Average" Day

Our days will always begin with an opening of the shrines around the Botanica and in the house. In an average week we get through (at least)
  • 200 tea-lights
  • 250g of incense
  • 20 dinner candles
  • 10 pillar candles
  • 10 Jar Candles
  • 1.5 kilos of rice
  • 2 bottles of wine
  • 10 bunches of flowers
  • 1 litre of Florida Water
  • 2 litres of Holy Water
  • 4 Liters of drinking water
  • 3 loaves of bread
  • 3 whole cakes
  • 1/2 a jar of coffee
And thats BEFORE we even buy anything for our clients magical work - all that goes just on the upkeep of the shrines and serving the Spirits, Angels and Saints who assist us and our clients. This in itself is a full time job! 

After we have opened the shrine, we check our email and phone messages - as we urge all our clients to stay in touch during the time their work is being carried out - we need these constant updates to track the direction their work is taking. Any of our "fag break" buddies can attest the amount of time the O.C spend on the phone!!!

After messages have been answered, the Botanica is dressed for the day - the floors and door are prepared with magical agents for protection and business. Incense is burnt, powders scattered and petitions are made every day, both in the shop and on the pavement outside. Early morning clouds of brightly colored powders and wafts of bizarre oils have alarmed many a dog walker and post man wandering past the shop at unsightly hours....

By this point we are ready for customers. On season, we have numerous visitors wanting tarot readings, clairvoyant work performed and magical advice as well as shoppers, friends and acquaintances all gracing our store with their presence. And all the time we are reading, serving and gossiping THE PHONE NEVER STOPS. seriously. never. Updates from clients, enquires and customers ordering stock from the Botanica mean the phone is constantly off the hook.

Client work goes on all day in the Botanica's shrine. Lamp vigils and novena lights are tended and prayed over, gris-gris bags are made and spiritual baths are prepared - the list could go on. If a client calls with an issue, everything else is dropped in order to tend to their needs - whilst on our books, our clients take precedence over anything else we may be doing and we make sure that we give them 100% of our attention and focus when they need it. 

When it is time to close the shop, the shrine is "closed" the lights are extinguished and the Spirits are thanked -profusely. The floors are swept and any negative "stuff" that has accumulated over the day is disposed of. That's only the end of a day's trading - next comes more client work. After the Botanica closes, new client sheets are processed, exsiting forms updated and all work is double checked. Much of the work in the shop's shrine is tended even after the doors have been locked, and much is still done at our home shrines. Usually after hours is when the serious making and doing happens; items are crafted for use the next day, offerings are left at crossroads and in graveyards, and ingredients are foraged from all over. In a week, we can get through about:
  • 8 litres of vegetable oil
  • 8 new ceramic bowls
  • 2 meters of wicking
  • 4 kilos of herbs and resins
  • 12 jar candles
  • 4 litres of various waters and colognes
  • 1 pack of parchment
  • 3 bottles of ink
  • 4 glass jars
  • 8 saint medals
  • 8 prayer cards
At this point we stopped listing stuff, because we could have gone on, and on, and on..........this list goes without the hours of prayer, incantations, invocations and general esoteric palaver that go along side the spell crafting process. 

After all this is said and done, facebook is updated, cat and snake are petted, food is consumed and bed happens. Our days are never dull (or quiet for that matter). This is just an average run down of our days - which is quite pointless really as our days are never average.

A case study

So I'll give you a case study so you can see how we "process" our clients. For customer confidentiality reasons I'm going to call this client "Rob". On a Monday Rob called the store as his friend had received an over the phone reading with me. He wanted to book in for a reading and to discuss having some work done.
Rob's reading went really well and pulled up lots of useful information surrounding his case. During the reading it was evaluated Rob was suffering with "closed roads" his life had come to a halt, he was making no money and was very depressed as a result. Rob is involved in the music industry and has huge amounts of passion for what he does. After Rob's reading I arranged to call him back. I performed a consultation with the Saints and had been visited in a dream the night before by Saint Cecilia the patron of music. Rob was asked to send over some personal effects, namely a photograph, a portion of handwriting and a petition. He was prescribed a weeks worth of spiritual baths, this bath was made for him from scratch, a mojo bag was created along with this and a vigil lamp prepared under the offices of Saint Cecilia. The lamp was tended to everyday at the shrine.

On the Thursday Rob received his bath and did it that evening. He also, as instructed, carried the bag with him at all times. Two weeks later Rob called the store, he booked another reading this time with specific question and was delighted with the results. After the reading Rob told me he had been inundated with work and was so pleased with the results, as well as being a little shocked!

Robs work didn't stop there, with the contents of the now expired lamp a bottle was made. This bottle was designed for steady work. Rob called me last week ecstatic because he'd been offered a recording deal in America. Rob's bottle is still tended to on the shrine regardless of the fact his contract has expired. After care is just as important as solving the problem.

We could have pulled the cases of any of our clients but this is the most "typical"

Even though the store is closed over Christmas and part of the new year all our current client work is still on going and any emergencies can be emailed through to us. We hope every one has a great holiday season and we look forward to catching up with you in the new year.

The Occult Consultancy

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