Monday, 14 May 2012

Saint Dymphna

Tomorrow marks the feast of the glorious Saint Dymphna. Dymphna is the patron St of mental illness and is petitioned for her intercession in cases of this nature. Dymphna was an Irish princess born in the 7th century. Her mother was devoutly Christian and placed her in the spiritual care of a nun who taught her to read the bible.

After the death of her mother her father, a pagan king of Orie, suffered a great depression and deterioration of his mental health. He sent out servants to find a woman who looked like his wife and when none could be found began to covert his daughter. Dymphna was deeply Christian and on discovering her father’s plan to marry her she fled the kingdom with Father Gerebernus and two Christian servants. They took a boat and sailed to the continent ending up in the small town of Gheel. Furious, her father and his men tracked her down and killed the Priest the servants and finally, in a fit of rage at her refusal to return with him, he killed Dymphna too!

Dymphna and Father Gerebernus were buried in a cave in Gheel by the local residents and it is said when they decided to move the bodies to a more suitable location they were both found interred in stone coffins, both marked with a red tile baring their names.

Miracles and cures began to take place and Dymphna’s fame spread rapidly from country to country. Relics were applied to patients who became healed and novenas were created in her the 13th century a radical institute was set up in Gheel where the mentally ill were placed in the care of families in the village.

Dymphna has a huge power of intercession when it comes to depression, mental health issues and nervous disorders.  This Virgin child truly is a wonderworker. 

For mental clarity, to lift a depression and to ease the mind

Take a large glass bowl and fill it with a cup of rain water, a cup of holy water and half a cup of lavender cologne and half a cup of eau de cologne or Florida water. Next boil 2 cups of water on the stove to this water add a handful of lemon peel and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes, remove it from the heat, cool and strain and add to the bowl.

When all the liquids are combined take an image or medal of Dymphna and add it to the waters. Before it light a pale blue candle and pray

“You are celebrated St. Dymphna, for your goodness to others. Both in your lifetime, and even more in the ages past, you have again and again demonstrated your concern for those who are mentally disturbed or emotionally troubled. Kindly secure for me, then, some measure of your own serene love, and ask our Lord to lend me his help. Amen.”    

Allow the candle to burn down and take the water to the bath room, hold your head over the bath and pour the liquid over your head in three parts saying “By God, By Mary, By St Dymphna”  wrap your head in a white towel and relax somewhere  

We will be holding a Vigil for St Dymphna at the St Martha Botianca tomorrow. If you would like lights set for you or someone else please email us with your prayer request and we will be happy to oblige.


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