Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pentacles of Solomon

Hey Folks,
As some of you may be aware, I recently had a small book published with the wonderful people at Hadean Press, which I hope you will all enjoy. I thought I'd take the time to just say a little something about it here so you can all get an idea about the content and intended use of the book.
The book, simply called The Pentacles of Solomon, is a small volume aimed at magicians who wish to experiment and practice with what are - in my humble opinion - one of the most interesting parts of the Clavicular Salomonis, namely the Pentacles. These planetary talismans set the magician up with endless possibilities, and with a little imagination, these images can provide any magical practitioner with a wealth of potential projects and magical missions.

I have deliberately not made this book an academic or subjective view of the Pentacles. I am not in the position to write at length on the subject of the Grimoire tradition or give long explanations of the gematria of divine names - instead i opted to keep the text in this book the same (or virtually the same) as Mathers gave it in his edition, this way the reader can infer their own uses for the pentacles.
Ok, so what's actually in this thing? In a nutshell, I took the time to redraw each and every pentacle using digital programs to render them in a clear and concise manner. Each image is about half an A5 sheet in size, big enough to be clearly seen clearly, and the Hebrew text has been typed in clear font, so even if you can't read the Hebrew yourself, you can accurately reproduce it without fear of ending up with a mess of scribbles rather than holy names (this was one of my main reasons for doing this project actually) Where possible I've given a run down of angelic and divine names that appear in each pentacle, along with the vesicle given in Hebrew, Latin, and English. 
My hope is that people will use my book to actively work with the pentacles in whichever way they are happiest, and *fingers crossed* will find greater success using these newly rendered images. 
Anyway, for those of you who were wondering, there is a little run down of my latest effort, which can be purchased here
Many thanks for reading,
S. Aldarnay

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