Friday, 17 May 2013

Website Update and New Product Information

After a brief time of change, our website is back up and running, with brand new stock as well as our trusted lines. I thought it was worth taking the time to go through some of the new items available on our site so people can have get a better idea about what new things we are offering.

 New Commission Items: Spirit Packets

Starting with what I believe are our strongest new line, we are now offering Spirit Packets through the commissions page of our website. These beautiful packets are inspired by the aesthetics of the Paket Congo of Haitian Vodou,and the mechanics of Hoodoo Mojo bags and instructions given by Agrippa in the Books of Occult Philosophy. Herbs, charms, seals and curios are contained within a beautifully decorated bundle of appropriately colored materials, embellished with lavish lattice work and crowned with appropriate flowers, plumage, ad other symbolically appropriate items. The purpose of these packets is to provide a well-spring of power for a specific saint or spirit, which can act as a striking centerpiece for your shrine or altar. Alternatively, these packets can be created for a specific magical intention or condition, so if you have a permanent shrine set up for protection, business success etc, then the packet will keep the energy of your workings strong and add a special kick all of its own. These packets can be made from a modest 30cm in height to an imposing 75cm, and no two will ever be alike. The time and effort that goes into creating the Spirit Packets means that once completed, you will have a piece of magical equipment that will last for years to come and, we hope, provide you with countless benefits. There are no restrictions on who or what the packets can be made for, saints, angels, goetic spirits, you name it and we can house it within our of our packets! The only request we will not fulfil is that we will not make Spirit Packets for Vodou Lwa, out of respect for the tradition. Previously we have made packets for a wide variety of spiritual beings including Marie Laveau, St Michael the Archangel, Our Lady Star of the Sea, and the Anima Sola. Email us with any questions you may have about your specific requirements.

New Oil Range: Planetary

Our first new range is of interest to the western magician who works with the spirits or the 7 classical planets. These oils have been based on the information presented by Agrippa in the Books of Occult Philosophy and contained herbs, essential oils and curios each ascribed to the planet being invoked.  Not only of use to the ceremonialist, due to the all encompassing nature of the planets, these oils can be used to substitute oils that are otherwise unavailable to the magician - if your spell calls for an unobtainable love drawing oil lost to the depths of time, then our Venus Oil would be a fine substitute.

New Oil Range: Ars Umbrae

Due to the popularity of necromancy other similar persuits, we now have a whole new range of oils dedicated specifically to the shadowy arts. These oils are all aimed at the magician who practices evocation and conjuratoin of the infernal and the dead, being potent blends of oils and curios designed to attract and empower these often sinister forces. Also available in this section is St Cyprian Oil, made in honor of the fascinating bishop of Antioch, who enjoys a reputation  for being both a supreme conjuror and devout holy man. The Anima Sola is also represent in our new range, due to increased interest in this unfortunate designation of spirit.

New Oil Range: Archangels

A revamp of an old range, we now offer oils for the three biblical archangels - Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. These oils are slightly more expensive than our regular oils due to the inclusion of high quality essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, which give each of these oils a deeply spiritual undertone. Eventually we will be expanding this range to include incense and prepared seals.

Updated Range: La Santisima Muerte Devotional Items

Ever popular with both the Conultancy and our customers, La Santisima Muerte has expanded from a small area of the website to an entire section of her own. Currently we are offering three oils, one for each of her aspects as La Blanca, La Roja and La Negra, and we will soon be expanding to once again include our popular incense blend. Coming soon, we will also be offering statuettes and candles, so watch this space (these are currently available on commission, so if the sound of figure candles and statues interest you, email us.)

New Sections: Ritual Tools

This section is still work in progress - we will soon be offering hand turned wands, vessels and other ritual items made from sustainable wood collected during appropriate magical timing etc. Keep your eyes peeled, as the good folk at Iceni Wood turning create some truly amazing piece, including

Re-vamped section - Hoodoo and Conjure Supplies

Taking into account our best sellers, the range of hoodoo and conjure supplies has been pared down to include only our most popular oils and items. We are sure to be expanding this range asap to include new powders and curios.

Readings and Services

Readings and magical services carry on as normal, with a full compliment of both divination and magical/spiritual services. To celebrate the relaunch of the website (and as a reward for reading this far down the blog!) all £20.00 tarot readings will only be £10.00 if you email us to book, and quote the code BLG50%, we can then invoice you through paypal. This offer will expire on Sunday 19th May 2013.

Well, that's a rundown of what new with the website, hopefully everyone will be able to find something to suit their tastes. Its my intention to update this blog more regularly, so keep checking back for new posts.


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