Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Winds of Change

Hello all!
I've not updated this blog for quite some time, so its high time i updated you all with a couple of things:

1) Changes to the website

We are currently undergoing some serious changes to the website, product ranges are being expanded, new products are being added and we are working on some incredibly high quality specialty oils, and well researched incenses for you all to peruse. Hopefully the site will be back up and running within a week or so, until then only the readings and services sections of the site are up and running properly. If you have any questions, please contact us without delay

2) Pentacles of Solomon Update

After the success of the Pentacles of Solomon by S.Aldarnay, there are plans for a companion volume full of magical experiments, fueled by the fusing of high magic with the magic of the people. The original Pentacles of Solomon is available from the wonderful people at Hadean Press 

3) Upcoming Saint Days

It's always good to know whose feasts are coming up - so here's a brief rundown of the saints who are celebrated in the rest of april.

St Zita - 27th April

Patron saint of maids and waitresses, servants and the pious
Bake a loaf of bread to remember this pious saint who thought of devotion to God as being employment enough. Ask St Zita for help if you've lost your keys, and make sure to light her a candle if you work in a kitchen, restaurant or bar.

St Catherine of Siena - 29th April

Patron saint against fire, bodily ills, firefighters, illness, Italy, miscarriages, people ridiculed for their piety, sexual temptation, sick people, sickness, nurses.

A popular saint who was the 25th daughter (yes....25th!) of a dyer, Catherine grew up in Sienna, Italy. Famous for periods of extreme fasting, visions of divine beings including Christ himself, and countless angels, as well as for being a stigmatic. Catherine is called upon for all manner of situations and is a very powerful intercessor. She is joint patron of Italy (along with St Francis of Assisi) and in modern times has become a friend to those who suffer with various eating disorders, especially anorexia

St Endellion - 29th April

Not an awful lot to go on here, but St Endellion is the sister of the ever popular St Nectan, whose glen and waterfall in Cornwall , England are a popular site among people of all faiths. She is said to have survived entirely on cows milk, and there are stories of this saint resurrecting said cow from the dead after it was killed by a local nobleman. St Endellion is also said to have link to the Arthur mythos, and is one of those fascinating saints from the dark ages of British history. Pour out a glass of milk for this mysterious lady on the 29th.  

I'll keep you all updated with the website refurb

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