Sunday, 9 January 2011

Shut up!!!!!

Gossip and slander can affect even the thickest skinned of us. I have clients who have had curses thrown at them because (I kid you not) they are beautiful! These clients have been accused of all sorts because of how they look!
Cruel rumours and nasty bits of scandal will affect all of us at some point or another and I always think it’s best to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. Workings to stop gossip called upon a much underrated herbs Ulmus Rubra, better known as slippery elm bark. This herb is freely available in health food shops as a digestive aid. In hoodoo it is used to put an end to gossip.


If you’re the victim of gossip you need four simple items firstly a packet of slippery elm powder! Then you’ll need some castor oil a grey candle and a pin. Scratch the word “Gossip” on the candle with the pin. Next cover the candle in the castor oil. Do this by first rubbing the oil in to your hand and then dressing the candle with a twisting motion. This action will represent your enemies choking on their words. Next on a clean surface scatter a liberal amount of the powder and roll the candle in it, always making sure to roll the candle away from you. Put this “double dressed” candle out to burn, sit back and enjoy the results.


If you want to go down a really traditional route I’ve never known this spell to fail! Go to the butchers and buy a whole beef tongue. Take it home and slit it from root to tip. Write down the names of the gossips on separate pieces of paper, roll them up and place them in the hole. Next cover the slit with slippery elm and sew it back up with black thread. At midnight go to the graveyard and dig a hole. Bury the tongue and pour out some water for the dead, you may also wish to leave payment; a few coins should do the trick.


So there you have it two great ways to shut people up! 

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  1. What an empowered and non-confrontational pair of solutions. I will bear those in mind the next time gossip hounds are baying at me :)