Sunday, 27 March 2011

House Protection

So, it’s been hectic! The Occult Conference 2011 has been and gone and was according to all sources a great success! We were really honoured to host some of the greatest speakers and traders the occult world had to offer. A big thank you to all those people who made the day so special and to all of you guys that came. So now that we’ve kind of wound down I think it’s about time I updated the blog and shared some new Hoodoo tricks with you guys out there.

This entry we’ll be talking about house protection and one of the rituals I employ to keep a home nice and safe from both physical and spiritual attacks. This ritual is a big one and requires time, effort and quite a few supplies but it is well worth doing! So the first port of call with any house protection is to clear it! This makes the home spiritually pure meaning that when you magically seal the house up you’re not trapping any unwanted negativity within it. So to do this you’ll need a few things, an incense burner, some charcoal, a portion of Camphor resin, a bottle of holy water and a bottle of Florida water or preferably a bottle of Van Van cologne. You’ll also need a bunch of yellow roses, enough for each room in the house.   

Begin on the top floor at the back of the house, light the charcoal in the burner and when it’s hot put some of the camphor on it to burn. Sprinkle some of the holy water on the floor around the room and then go to each corner of the room and sprinkle a few drops of cologne. This seals the work, repeat this process all through the home working your way from back to front making sure each corner of the house is “dressed”. After each room is dressed take a single rose, kiss it and lay it down in the room. Burn the camphor in each room as needed. A trick I like to do is also dress all the door frames in the house by marking three X’s in cologne on the lintels and also being sure to blow camphor smoke on all the mirrors in the house.   
Now the house is spiritually empty so it is really important to invite positive energy in to fill the gap. Set out a vase of water in the living room; add a few drops of holy water, a few drops of cologne and three pinches of sugar to the vase. Gather the roses and place them on by one in the vase

When you have completed this process you can move on to protecting the newly cleaned home. For this you will need a bowl of salt, a packet of brick dust some iron fillings and a packet of “fiery wall powder” ( )
Some folks also like to burn “fiery wall” incense when they perform this next part. Return to where you started and in each room scatter a few pinches of the powder on the floors. You may wish to say a prayer as you go traditionally you would pray to saint Michael the Archangel. Next scatter a few pinches of salt in the four corners. When you have dressed the house go to the front door, mix the remaining salt and fiery wall powder with the brick dust and the steel. Over the bowl say “this powder is a barrier against all ill and evil, this powder is a guard against all that is undesirable, this powder is a wall that only good may pass” use a quarter of the bowl to lay a thick over the doorstep and repeat the process and  affirmation at the back doorstep.

The remaining powder can then be divided on two square of white fabric and tied up in to a packet. These packets are hung above the front and back door and act as a defence once the lines of powder have worn away. They should be “fed” with a little cologne once a week to keep them strong.                 

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