Friday, 23 September 2011

La Madama

La Madama Doll

The Madama’s are a family of spirits found in Espiritismo, one of the spiritual practices found in South America. These particular spirits are the patrons of bone readers, playing card readers and Conjure Doctors. Many professional Root workers call on the Madama spirits for aid when dealing with clients or performing readings for the public.

They are traditionally believed to be the elevated spirits of old house slaves, the spirits of old Conjure Women who now aid the living with their issues and problems. They give advise on all areas of life and are fiercely protective of those they like.

Madama’s carry many implements for their work; all Madama’s have a broom or brush for cleansing and clearing. Madama’s have the power to brush away curses and remove crossed conditions, these spirits are fantastic at cleansing's and work to rid people and places of any negativity, so long as they are treated well!

Along with the broom Madama’s carry certain tools. As the patron of card reader the Madama’s carry playing cards to divine the outcomes of situations and to read for their clients. They carry a stick of chalk to mark out their work, to draw symbols and create magical symbols and seals. Madama’s often carry a knife to prepare ingredients and also to pin down the work they perform. It is also said that the dolls of Madama’s have a wooden cross about their person that stores their power!

As we as being excellent diviners and healers Madama’s have many other talents, they are brilliant at making and keeping money, blessing people, commanding and compelling people, opening roads and offering success. She helps readers and Root-workers improve their talents and tricks.

To work with Madama set up a shrine with a white, orange or red cloth and place a doll or statue of her on top of it. Before the statue place a glass of cold water, a vigil candle and one of their favoured offerings. The traditional offerings to the Madama’s are strong spirits, small bowls of brown sugar or molasses, black treacle, bowls of cooked rice, home-cooked meals and black coffee. The Madama’s also enjoy tobacco, so cigarettes and cigars. It is said if you ask her for a favour you should always give her nine coloured silks as payment for her work.

Remember, each Madama is different and enjoy different things. One Madama may love Marmalade on toast whilst another may love boiled eggs! As you get to know your Madama so you will come to learn what she likes, you my also be lucky enough to learn the name of the Madama you re working with. Madama’s work incredibly hard and should be rewarded for their efforts. Treat her well, little and very often and she will look out for you.           

The Madama Doll, (photograph)

This doll has been prepared in accordance with tradition. She has been dressed in secret oils and powdered with special herbs. This Madama holds a broom made of lavender stalks for cleansing and peace.

In her apron she has a stick of chalk for drawing out her secret symbols and a deck of miniature cards for performing readings. In her hand she holds a copper knife for pinning down her work, the handle of which is bound in pine pitch.

The doll is dressed in her favourite colours, orange and white and has been entirely hand stitched. Around her neck she wears a wooden cross that holds her power and this should not be removed. .   


  1. Luz y progreso, great article, i will be posting an article of la cpmmision de madamas and negritos as venerated in Puerto Rican Sanse, Santerismo. Hope u can stop by and check it out.

    Hermano Brujo Luis

  2. This article helped me understand thus religion or should I say about the madama

  3. Excellent article I just recieved my madama
    And I feel even more blessed after reading this
    I at least know the basics of care I don't want to mistreat her it's important for me to know my part to.

  4. Great article, The madama introduced herself to me many years ago via a dream where she did certain things to that made me clairvoyant and clairaudient she has taught me so much i am so greatful to God and her.

  5. How can I get one made... I love this one... In the pic... I can't find one.... Please help

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  7. Love this article! Where do you find a Madama?

    1. I just purchased one today at my local botanica in Brooklyn, NY. They have a couple left.

  8. I just purchased one Madama today. I'm expecting great results.

  9. How do I prepare a madama? She used to belong to my grandmother...