Friday, 17 June 2011

Concerning Relics

To dissuade gossip by the arrogant and ill informed – here a quick note on relics – one of the catholic churches most interesting traditions of saintly veneration, and objects we are lucky enough to possess at the consultancy HQ.

Relics come in various degrees:

Skull of St Vitalus - 1st Degree Relic
1st Degree – These relics are actually part of the person (or object) – such as bones, hair or teeth. These are “magically” the most potent relics and by far the most revered. They are often housed in elaborate reliquaries and found in churches, monasteries or in the possession of trusted priests. The veneration of this kind of relic has obvious parallels with ancestor worship as seen in cultures all over the world. Relics of the true cross are examples of non-human relic  that come up from time to time.

Holy card with 2nd degree relic of Saint Philomena
2nd Degree – These are objects belonging to the saint – usually clothing, but also things that they kept about their person during their life times, such as their bible or their crucifix., 2nd degree relics come to light far less regularly than those of the 1st and 3rd. An example of this kind of relic is the vestments used to dress the bones of Saint Philomena, which are periodically changed, the old ones being cut up and distributed amongst the faithful. 

3rd class relic of Saint Francis Cabrini
3rd  Degree – These relics are objects that have been touched to either a 1st or 2nd degree relic and blessed by a priest.  They are the most numerous and can be found attached to commercially available saint-medals (the price paid in this case is for the medal, and the relic is given freely). They usually take the shape of tiny fragments of linen or cotton, preserved in resin or glass – though there is no reason that any object cannot become a third degree relic.

Now – it is against the code of cannon laws to accept money for ANY relic – the same goes for holy water – as such sacred objects should be given freely to any that desire them, for their spiritual well being  and to strengthen connection with the divine. As such, WE AT THE OCCULT CONSULTANCY/St MARTHA BOTANICA DO NOT CHARGE FOR RELICS WE PASS ON TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Not only does it diminish their power but also breaks the holy laws of the tradition which surrounds them. We will NEVER ask for money for relics, nor have we ever done so in past.  9 times out of 10 we will also cover the cost of postage, so that NO money changes hands whatsoever.

We are very lucky that from time to time catholic priests have bought 1st degree relics and blessed cloth for us, we have never made a secret of this and have open offered these to anyone who asks, free of charge. The same goes for holy water and blessed salt.  We are very lucky to be in the position to offer these objects to people who truly need them, and consider it an honor to be able to do so. 

I will not have our name besmirched by those too arrogant to even come and speak to us – we have never made a secret of how we operate and will quite happily sit down with people and talk about what we do – if you’re good, you might even get a cuppa out of it. 

Thank You

Jack – The (Usually) Silent One

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  1. Kudos to you for doing this - it is the type of thing that I hope my organization may be able to do one day. These things mean much to many. Let no one speak ill of your achievements. Honors to you and your shop!