Thursday, 5 May 2011

The House of George

Yesterday I visited the most wonderful little cottage just outside town. The owner, who we will call T has had no end of trouble since moving in. Her son has suffered from night terrors from a young age and she herself is woken numerous times through the night with oppressive feelings and anxiety. T informed me every cat they have had has run away from the property, many of the cats would stand screaming at unseen forces, with their heckles up. T has felt drained by the house and her life has suffered as a result, everything that could go wrong has! The previous occupant also suffered the same fate, shifting the house on to the property market at the first available opportunity.

From the outside the house seems perfectly normal, it has a beautiful garden with beautifully arranged ethnographic ornaments and its own mock wishing well. This house is special because you are able to walk totally around it, it had a few modern extensions but the main building is roughly 200 years old. The only unusual thing about the house is that you can see a line of newer stonework in the wall housing the chimney from outside. I’ll come to the relevance of this later.

On entering the house there is a huge feeling of oppression and a static white noise, the air also has a metallic flavour all of which could of course be but down to the fact it is an old building. We take a trip of the ground floor, Dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom and a spirit who calls herself Anne approaches me. Anne mentions the name “George”, she blames George for the house being this way and goes on to say that “the people (she means the entities causing all the trouble) always have to have a George”. We return to the kitchen so I can ask about what I have picked up. There was indeed an Anne who previously owned the house in the early 1900’s. I ask about George, “that’s my sons name is the response”. T then produces a list of all the previous occupants. 9 “Georges” have lived in the house including T’s son. This is really intriguing with what I’ve been told.

T takes me into the living room and shows me some items on the window sill, a pile of rusty old nails, a large iron stake, a horse shoe and most intriguingly a bible with the psalms removed, this bible was found in the wall bound in thread. The removing of the psalms takes makes the bible incomplete, meaning that it's protective powers are weakened, it seems this was done on purpose by a disgruntled member of the previous household who wanted to cause trouble for the new occupants, namely her daughter in law. 

Items would have been placed inside the walls for protection. The other traditional place to hide such protective charms is the chimney. In this case the chimney seems to have been replaced, no doubt removing anything that was placed in it. On the wall facing the front door hangs a crucifix, T tells me it has always been in the house in that position. On inspection the crucifix has a reference on the back of it to Psalm 2 verse 3 “Let us asunder break their bands” or possibly to psalm 23 a traditional “all purpose” psalm. Looking around the whole house T points to where other crucifixes were hanging all pointing to the front door.   

I counted four entities that were living in the house and began to get a sense of the houses story. In a nutshell one of the Georges who own the house had previously attracted the attention of these four spirits, Anne had put measures in place to protect the house from them, this had not banished the spirits but had subdued them. On her passing her measures had been removed and the imprisoned spirits had come back with a vengeance!  

I performed a dice reading and gave an offering of hell money to my    spirits and began the work set out by the reading. Firstly the boundaries of the house needed to be marked. This was done by dressing each corner, firstly with holy water steeped with hyssop and Van Van oil, then with Exorcised salt and lastly with frankincense smoke.
Then for the inside of the house, I prepared a bowl of water with salt, 
hyssop wash, Van Van oil, holy water, frankincense oil and a few drops of the Botanica’s “Fear no evil”. The bowl was then prayed over, one Our Father, three Hail Mary’s and the Prayer to St Michael.

This mixture  was used to exorcise each room by dressing each corner, each mirror and each  doorway along with the appropriate prayers and commands.

The entities moved from room to room until finally leaving the house all together. I then went on to dress both the front door and garden gate with brick dust.

All the nails have been returned to where they were found and the horseshoe will be redressed and hung back on the front door. Anne also made a traditional request of rosemary being planted by the garden gate

I’ll be keeping a really close eye on any developments in this house.
It is   the best case of old folklore practices I have ever seen “in the

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